New Theme, New Name, Same Domain (for now)

Hey everyone!

Last year I changed the theme of the blog to a more minimalistic feel.

Well, that minimalism made the blog somewhat difficult to navigate.

I have switched to the new theme, “Hemingway Rewritten,” which I think gives me a little more customization options and makes it easier to navigate.

You’re welcome!


I have also grown up a little since I first started blogging, and while “Williebemacin” was great for a season, it does not reflect my current attitude and place in my journey

So I have changed the name to “Being God’s ‘Will'”: The Reflections of One Being Brought Out of Darkness and Into the Light”

I have changed the picture header to reflect that change of emphasis; more than anything I want people to see Christ in what I write and what I say.

I hope this change of name will help channel that.

I have already paid for the current domain name, so that is not going to change until next year.


I am also going to be taking more photos and adding them to the new photo wheel that I have; hopefully you will enjoy those.


Look for the some of the following content in the next few months:

- The Twelve Virtues

- Current Events (including an upcoming blog on Ebola)

- More book reviews (including C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves, and Embracing Obscurity by Anonymous)

- A steady stream of quotes from books I am reading

- A new daily devotional called, “Embracing God’s Goodness and Greatness ” (Based on the premise that God is not only in control, but that it is good that he is)

- The Lay Minister (posts about the challenges and rewards of being a ministry volunteer)

- An attempt a writing an epic (I might actually share some of the struggles of the writing process)

- More poetry (yes, haikus…but also other types of poetry)

- Monthly updates on my walk and journey following Christ

- How vs. Why: Posts on the Co-existence (or lack thereof) of Science and Faith

- How Do We Fix… (Open forum topics on some of today’s social and political issues)

- Divided Christendom (A discussion of the doctrines, traditions, and issues that divide Christians)

- Other random subjects and musings

- And much more!


I hope that you who read my blog will continue to do so, and I hope that you will grab some other bloggers to read it as well.

I will be investing a lot more time to improve the blog and give content worth thinking about and putting into practice.

Grace and Peace